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SuesNorthernBeachesCleaningServices, enviromentally friendly, cleaning homes on the Northern beaches of NSW, Frenchs Forest and surrounding suburbs.


Thank you for enquiring about our services, and giving me the opportunity to tell you a little about our background.

Nearly 14 years ago I had a situation were I was doing all the cleaning work myself and had a huge waiting list of people putting up with their cleaners, waiting for a vacancy on my cleaning run. This made me realize that if a cleaner had a vacancy on their run it usually meant that they were not that great. What I decided to do at that point was to manufacture good cleaners. This enables you to have access to cleaners who know their craft and produce a good consistent cleaning standard, which was otherwise was only available to the lucky few.  

My people are hand picked and personally trained by me. It takes many weeks working with them, guiding them through our training program which incorporating our techniques, routines and methods. This program incorporates watching a Training Video repetitively on a daily basis during their first two to three weeks of on site training. With this training being personally supervised by myself, and our quality control program, I have done everything humanly possible to create the crème de la crème of cleaners.

The degree of care and professionalism that I have implemented in every aspect of the running of this business, in this industry, is unprecedented. My focus is always on being the best I can be in all areas, which includes caring for all who touch my life. While there are of course humans involved, which means perfection is not always achieved; you can know they are always doing their best. I am blessed with wonderful kind hearted people who are loyal and caring.  

On researching the industry in the founding days, I established what would make the most ideal scene for both a customer and also a cleaner. This involved studying the reasons people disliked both large agencies and on the opposite end of the spectrum, small operations. It was obvious with the large operations, being that they spent next to little time training their cleaners or looking after them, which often leads to a high turnover in both customers and cleaners. With the really small operations there is no guarantee that they have been professionally trained with many cowboys starting up in the industry thinking anybody can clean. This can result in not only poor standards in cleaning, but with actually surfaces being damaged. The other problem is when they are sick there is no one to help cover the job, so you can be left in the lurch. .

Our competition will usually give you a cheaper quote to get the job, and then they will cut corners,-that’s how they make their money. We charge what it actually costs to have your home properly cleaned. Other cleaners will give you a list of all the products they need you to buy and then expect you to top them up on a regular basis.. We supply all the products, and they are wonderful products….for eg our room freshener is an aromatherapy product and out spray and wipe is made of chamomile etc. I look forward to being of service to you.                                                                                                                             

Yours Sincerely Sue Vaughan

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